Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chair of BMA Scotland: Homeopathy has "No Scientific Evidence Base"

here, news of homeopathy from Scotland:, Martyn McLaughlin reports in "Scots Health Boards Spend £1.8m on Homeopathy" (2015-09-20):

"Scotland’s health boards are spending nearly £2 million a year on homeopathy services, according to new figures [...] BMA Scotland said it was concerned that 'scarce funding' was being allocated to services that have 'no scientific evidence base' to justify their use [...] Dr Peter Bennie, chair of BMA Scotland, said the association believed there should be no further NHS funding for homeopathy.  He said: 'while the BMA supports the policy to allow NHS boards to make their own decisions about how to spend their resources, we are concerned that scarce funding will be spent on ‘treatment’ that has no scientific evidence base to support its use'";

hear, hear.
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