Tuesday, September 15, 2015

express.co.uk: Homeopathy Scientifically Disproved

here, a summation of the scientific standing of homeopathy:

001.  Nick Gutteridge at express.co.uk reports in "Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Could Support Making Homeopathy Available on NHS" (2015-09-15) we're told:

"homeopathy, which has been disproved as a medical treatment time and time again by scientific studies [...] a series of scientific studies have concluded that homeopathic pills, which consist mostly of water, have no positive medicinal effects [...] a 2010 House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report ruled that the remedies perform no better than placebos and that they are based on 'scientifically implausible' principles. Earlier this year Australian scientists who carried out extensive tests on homeopathic pills came to the same conclusion. After testing the remedies on people suffering from 68 different ailments, researchers concluded that there is 'no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective'."

hear, hear.
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