Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lexology: FTC and FDA on Upcoming Homeopathy Scrutiny

here, an interpretation of the current scrutiny occurring concerning homeopathy:

001.  at, 'Arnold & Porter LLP John A. Rackson and Matthew Shultz' write, in "FTC Calls for Greater Scrutiny of Homeopathic Products" (2015-09-15):

"as readers of this blog know, the FTC takes health claims seriously.  The FTC has recently turned its attention to homeopathic remedies, expressing concerns over consumers’ understanding of what these products are, how they are tested, and their efficacy, as well as inconsistencies between FTC and FDA requirements [...]";

let slip the dogs of war!

"the FTC will be hosting a workshop on September 21 to examine advertising for homeopathic products [...] the FTC recommends that the FDA modify its regulatory approach because it is inconsistent with FTC law and likely to confuse consumers about the efficacy of homeopathic products [...]";

the next step is getting the FTC to impose upon the education accreditors basic trade rules regarding ND / NMD degrees, which patently misrepresent the the contents of these degrees.

"the FTC has overlapping authority to regulate advertising claims for homeopathic products under the FTC Act.  The FTC generally requires health claims to be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence [...] the FTC’s substantiation requirement [...]"; 

and thus homeopathy goes DOWN.  As it should.

002. regarding that 2015-09-21 FTC workshop:

it has already been noted that that workshop is STACKED with homeopathy proponents, including NDs MacKay and Herscu.

you can contact FTC regarding homeopathy at
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