Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Feelgood ND Suspended From Practice: ND Doughty

here, bad news for Dr. Feelgood NDs:

001. in "Two Thurston County Health  Care Providers Suspended" (2015-10-30) we're told:

"the state Department of Health [the State of Washington] has suspended the certifications of two health care providers in Thurston County.  The Naturopathy Board entered an agreement with naturopathic physician Jamie Anne Doughty that suspends her credential for at least four months.Between about April 2012 and April 2013, Doughty evaluated and issued medical marijuana authorizations to 1,279 patients. The board reviewed charts for 16 of those patients and found that Doughty didn’t meet the standard of care for those patients. She conducted evaluations that were too short and made inadequate diagnoses, the board found, and her medical marijuana authorizations didn’t meet legal requirements.

002. my comments:

now, I'm confused.  How is it that NDs can be held to SOC [standard of care] for certain things, but then they can NOT be held in ANY WAY accountable for SOC for other things?  So, SOC may say do BLANK BLANK BLANK and then NDs do other BLANK BLANK BLANK, and have no scolding.

aka: this is BULLSHIT.

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