Sunday, November 1, 2015

MD Katz vs. Science-Based Medicine and A Hypocritical Shell Game

here, a short quote from MD Katz concerning his "science-based" critics and the naturopathy nonsense he has marinated himself in:

001. MD Katz writes in "Science and Medicine, Fools and Fanatics: The 'Fluidity' of Woo" (2015-10-30) at HuffPo:

"the clique calling itself 'Science-based Medicine' weighed in, with customary disparagements.  This group painted a bulls-eye on my torso (or head) years ago, and has had intermittent fun ever since alleging something close to quackery on my part [...]";

someone is not happy.  But I see Katz employing naturopaths who definitely are hugely quacky.  For instance, there's Katz's Yale institution employing ND Ali, while telling us that naturopathy is based on "life force" and includes homeopathy.  And here's part of Katz's hypocrisy: in the above article he says "the use of poliovirus to treat cancer sounds a bit like homeopathy [...] and a lot like woo."  So, "woo" as in homeopathy, by way of MD Katz, includes a centerpiece of naturopathy, homeopathy.  And yet he claims, in the article: "a willingness to put what is safe and makes sense in the service of patient care is not an invitation to disregard sense or safety and try anything [...] a vat of what the science-based detractors call 'woo' [...] my passion for science is rather an open book."  So then, WHY OH WHY your association, your co-publishing, with Bastyr ND Ali?  Bastyr, the bastion of science subset nonscience falsehood?  The hypocrisy kills me, like when both write: "patient empowerment and autonomy [...] should not be at the expense of science and evidence […] when treatment approaches are unsafe, ineffective, poorly supported by science, [and] less effective than other options […] they should never be used. When a treatment is safe, effective, supported decisively by science, better than any other therapeutic option [...] it should always be used.”

what a shell game.
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