Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Newie But Baddie: Bastyr's PRINTED "Science-Based" 2015 Continuing Delusion ISBN 9870692430316

here, that "science-based" continuing farce:

001. as promoted by Bastyr University, in "Rooted in Health: The Bastyr University Story" [2015 archived]:

"as if from seedling to tall tree, the story of Bastyr University's remarkable growth is told in this illustrated account of a naturopathic medical school that dared to blend science with natural remedies and to break through barriers of prejudice and distrust. It pioneered innovative new ways to improve the health of the human community, as it foresaw in a vision statement."

blending, blending.

002. from my copy of the book, which I just received by USPS and OCR'd:

Note: I just moved these false claims through USPS postal regulation.

002.a. that perpetual "science" label upon naturopathy by BU:

"science-based treatments [...] Bastyr University is named in honor of the renowned Seattle-area naturopathic physician and teacher who championed science-based natural medicine [...] deeply committed to science-based natural medicine, Dr. Bastyr [...] 'we had already decided on the basic foundation, science-based and accredited'. When Dr. Pizzorno articulated their vision for the school while recruiting faculty, students, and board members, he coined the term 'science-based natural medicine' to describe what the founders wanted to accomplish [...] the founders believed that curriculum had to be based on science [...]";

science, science, science.  Insisted, by people who aren't scientists.  Yet within:

002.b. the science-exterior within that label:

002.b1. homeopathy:

"the young man [Bastyr] began studying the basics of botanical and homeopathic pharmacy while attending Seattle College High School [...] JBCNM's core courses focused on natural
therapies: nutrition, glandular therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, stress management, lifestyle counseling, and physiology [...] including botanical and homeopathic medicine [...]";

how scientific.  We're shown a picture of Bastyr's medical bag, with homeopathic remedies in front of it.

002.b2. reflexology:

"reflexology Foot Path is built by Bastyr volunteers, becoming the first public path of its kind in the nation [...] Smooth Northwest river rock is at the core of the sixty-five foot-long Reflexology Foot Path, built in 2004 [...] Based on wisdom from ancient Egypt, India, and China, the reflexology path massages and stimulates acupressure points in the soles of the feet connected to various energy meridians of the body. The pressure of the stones under bare feet combines with gravity to provide a therapeutic exercise that is thought to stimulate health by detoxifying the body and relieving stress [...]";

how scientific.

licensed falsehood marches on.
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