Friday, November 20, 2015

An Oldie But Goodie: Bastyr's 'Science Subset Naturopathy Subset Homeopathy' Mother Jones Advertisement, c1989

here, I share some 'data forensics' regarding that SO fabricated categorical label that Bastyr falsely placed upon itself, from 26 years ago:

001. by way of, in Mother Jones magazine, November 1989, there's this advertisement language:

It reads: "Bastyr College of Natural Health Sciences [...including] homeopathy."

Note: naturopathy has been at this ruse for a LONG time.  It amazes me that such a FAKE label is upon what is termed NATURAL.  Oh, the reversal of values!  What's even more fascinating is that ND Hobbs was Dean of UB when I was there, and he's still alive for those who are of the curious kind.
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