Saturday, November 28, 2015

Naturopathy Apostate Britt Hermes Interviewed at Podcast

here, a link to an interview of once-ND Hermes:

001. it is LOR's "Episode 149 – The Naturopathic Diaries, with Britt Marie Hermes" (2015-11-22), and the description states, in part:

"[we] welcome special guest Britt Marie Hermes [...] Britt received a degree in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University and practiced as a licensed naturopath for three years in the US until a number of realizations caused her to leave the profession to pursue a career in biomedical research [...she] writes about her experiences on her blog [...] Naturopathic Diaries [...]";

Britt says some quotable stuff, I must note, for future reference.  The hosts, though, are a little too cheery-Canadian surfer-like 'oh MY god that's HORRIBLE' for my taste, and at some point the narrative descends into one host's self-pity about her own educational debt.

me, I don't ask for pity.  This is combat.  We all get the war we deserve.  Action stations, action stations.

and naturopathy, I must correct, is a pseudoprofession: because a profession is not based upon falsehoods.
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