Sunday, November 29, 2015

NUHS's Mandated 'Naturopathic Vitalism and Supernaturalism'

here, the oddity of 'science subset supernaturalism and vitalism' aka 'the naturopathillogical' aka 'pseudomedical sectarianism':

001. the National University of Health SCIENCES writes, in "Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine: Course Descriptions" [2015 archived]:

"NT5110N Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine I - Credits 2.0: this course forms the basis of the clinical theory stream of courses in the ND program, which serves as a framework for practice. The course begins with an overview and the vision and ultimate goals of the ND program. The naturopathic principles are discussed at length. Major concepts such as health, holism and vitalism are analyzed by the class. Ecology and environmental health as a basis for individual health and the broader implications of the Gaia theory are explored. Spirituality and its importance to life and healing and the need for the physicians to be whole themselves form the concluding portion of the course. Prerequisite: None";

so, there's science-exterior vitalism and science-exterior supernaturalism.  WITHIN what's categorized at a university doctoral level as "science."  Because in Naturopathyland, ANYTHING is science.  THAT is naturopathy's "foundation": epistemic and ontological conflation, AND miscategorization of such as an epistemic and ontological distinction.  I'm all for people believing whatever they want to believe, but, here we have 'academic commerce subset science subset medicine subset nonscience' falsehood.
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