Friday, November 13, 2015 - 'Homeopathy is Fake Medicine'

here, Popular Mechanics on homeopathy:

001. in "Homeopathic Quacks Believe in the Healing Power of Drinking the Berlin Wall" (2015-11-13):

"[as reported by John Wenz] let's get this out of the way: homeopathy is total crap. There is zero (accredited, peer reviewed) science behind homeopathy, and it's misguided at best and snakeoil at worse [...] there are people that believe that drinking a diluted bit of concrete from the Berlin Wall can cure asthma [...] you know if half the homeopathic community thinks it's total BS ... it's basically triple crap [...] homeopathy is a lie that's given an unfortunate outlet by places like the Huffington Post [...and the subtitled was] because concrete is obviously where it's at when it comes to fake medicine [...]";

hear, hear.

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