Thursday, November 12, 2015

STUNG by Canadian Naturopaths and Their Cancer Treatment Delusional Confidence

here, 'alarming negligence' by naturopaths in Canada 'because they pretend to be qualified to treat cancer' ALONE:

001. in "Cancer Patients are Losing Valuable Time — and Risking Their Lives — with Alternative Therapies, Doctors Say" (2015-11-12):

"[as reported by Tom Blackwell] dozens of Canadian naturopaths promote their membership in the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, though that affiliation requires no training on top of the profession’s basic four-year program [...] posing as a patient’s relative, the National Post asked naturopaths in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia if they would treat someone newly diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, with enlarged glands in the chest and groin, who refused to undergo chemotherapy. Thirteen of the 18 who responded said they would take on the patient solo — only one said no. 'This is exactly what I do,' said one Ontario-licensed practitioner. 'He has many specialized protocols that he has seen work well,' said an assistant to naturopath Neil McKinney of Victoria, 'prolonging life, increasing quality of life, stabilizing tumors and the disease progression, and shrinking tumors.' McKinney said in a followup interview he does advise patients to stick with conventional medicine if he thinks it would help them, and stresses to them there is little definitive science backing up what he does [...]";

this is VERY unethical.  Most definitely CRAZY.  If naturopathy had to abide by the ethical and epistemic strictures of modern medicine.  What a loophole.

 "a spokesman for the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, which regulates the profession, says its members’ 'scope of practice' does not include handling potentially treatable cancers on their own [...] a patient diagnosed with breast cancer but free of actual symptoms; she chose to undergo naturopathic and homeopathic treatments for six months [...] 'the tumor grew and it actually was coming out of her skin from the breast site [...] from a potentially curable situation, she went off to an incurable situation, with only palliative care possible' [...]";";

so, naturopaths do it anyway.  Without sanction.  Because why would absurdity have a problem with itself?
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