Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Guardian Editorial on Homeopathy: UK Taxpayers Shouldn't Pay for Magical Thinking

here, another opinion that 'homeopathy is junk':

 001. The Guardian's editorial states, in "The Guardian View on Homeopathy: the NHS Shouldn’t Pay" (2015-11-15):

"placebos can work magic [...] if magical thinking is allowed into one corner of medicine, how are doctors supposed to root it out in other contexts? [...there's] no argument for the health service to privilege a form of mock medicine that defies science and common sense [...] the homeopathic practice of diluting agents until there are no molecules left defies not only science, but common sense [...] ministers are quite right to consider blacklisting homeopathy from the English health service. For why should this one form of mock medicine be favored over others? [...] there is also an educational duty on the NHS here; it is meant to foster public health, which means encouraging public understanding of science. It cannot do so while lending its chequebook and its good name to homeopathy [...] and that means saying no to homeopathy";

hear, hear.
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