Saturday, December 26, 2015

Naturocrit Podcast Episode 11 Update: ND Ingels Expunges EDS From His Web Pages

here, an update on Episode 11 contents.  When I'd written the Episode, I didn't realize that I'd sent complaints to authorities and the ND involved is a 2016 AANP Board of Directors member.  I'd complained about EDS being used by the ND, as evidenced by his web pages.  And now his web pages have no EDS on them:

001., we're told in "2016-2017 AANP Board Election Results Announced" (2015-08-12)(2015 archived):

"thank you to those of you who voted in our recent AANP Board of Directors election. We are excited to announce the following were elected to the Board of Directors [...] 2016 - 2017 Board of Directors: Darin Ingels, ND [...]";

so, ND Ingels is now on the AANP's Board of Directors.

002. I'd mentioned in the Naturocrit Podcast's Episode 11:

that ND Ingels is likely or apparently violating FDA rules regarding the use of electrodermal screening or EDS for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (2015 archived).  In fact, I sent a letter of complaint to both the FDA and to my State government.

of course, NOBODY ANSWERED.  And since that Episode was published, ND Ingels has edited his web pages.  See below.

003. ND Ingels and EDS before:

on 2015-06-15, captured the ND Ingels page "Ingels Family Health Southport, CT", we were told:

"Dr. Ingels utilizes the Orion®, a non-invasive computer-based electrodermal screening instrument which measures changes in skin conductance. The Orion® is a computer-based method of evaluating sensitivities to many different substances including foods, inhalants (pollens, molds, animal danders) and chemicals. It was first developed by a German physician more than 50 years ago, but currently utilizes state-of-the-art technology combining the principles of computer engineering and quantum physics. The Orion® measures skin conductance along the surface of the skin using a specific non-invasive probe. Unlike scratch testing, the Orion® allows multiple items to be tested in a short period of time, which is particularly appropriate for young patients. The information gathered is then used in conjunction with standard tests to determine which allergens or substances are underlying one’s illness. This pain-free method does not pose any risk of serious allergic reaction, which is a potential risk with traditional scratch testing. This method is also safe to use with children and infants and is preferable for those with a fear of needles.  Food and environmental allergies/sensitivities have been shown to be an underlying component of many conditions."

now, the Orion practitioner pretends that they're measuring something diagnostically meaningful beyond skin conductance.  And the machine, I believe, also makes homeopathic remedies.

004. ND Ingels and EDS after:

NOW, 2015-12-25, on the ND Ingels page "Ingels Family Health Southport, CT" currently, there is no section titled "non-invasive allergy assessment" nor the term "Orion."  When I do a search > conductance<, I don't get what I used to get per the "before" and I do get one page that ND Ingels seems to have overlooked called "Test."  I also get that same page and only that page again for the term "Orion":

005. by the way, at the AANP's web site, there's the ND Ingels co-authored document "Naturopathic Approaches to Care of Children and Adolescents with Asthma and Allergies" (2015 archived), which states:

"diagnosis of allergies [] esoteric testing: electrodermal screening (EDS), kinesiology, NAET, AAT. These methods are not FDA approved as diagnostic methods, but may provide insight into one's allergies."

that's quite the admission: esoteric, as in secret and arcane.  Sectarian. 
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