Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Naturocrit's Custom Star Wars Naturopathy Crawl

here, some fun, that apparently Disney allows:

001. the MP4:
A screencapture:
002. my text:

"Episode 1978

The New Dopes [NDs]

Though once thought to have been defeated, 
a new Naturopathic Order of Deception has arisen
from the ashes of science-ejected, Medieval junk thought, 
to promote those very same science-ejected sectarian values and activities, 
now in a disguised manner, 
to a world not quite science-literate.

Yet, a small handful of scrappy heroes, 
the Rebel Alliance Against the Forces of Dark Woo, 
have managed to decode the New Dope's essential premises and fallacies 
by way of The Enlightenment.

Even now, as you read this, 
the Rebels ready themselves to strike 
with their blogships and podcastships 
at the heart of the NDs' Woofulness,
the National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health..."

Note: 1978 is the year of founding of Bastyr University.

003. the tool is available here.
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