Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bernie Worrell Eschews Chemotherapy for the Naturopathic: "Which Does the Same"

here, a really bad expectation of what the naturopathic can do in terms of cancer treatment:

001. at, Jessica Goodman reports, in "P-Funk Keyboardist Bernie Worrell Diagnosed with Late-Stage Cancer" (2015-01-06):

"legendary funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell revealed in a note on Facebook that he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer.  His wife Judie posted the message on Jan. 1, and wrote, 'we have rejected chemotherapy (at this point) but he is undergoing naturopathic treatment (for which we are trying to raise money) which does the same but without the toxic chemical stew.”

sad news.  But, depicting or expecting, in general, naturopathy to be as able as chemotherapy to remedy cancer, that's nuts.
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