Friday, January 8, 2016

OAND Endorsed ND Townsend: Science and Proven Subset Homeopathy, CST, AK, EDS, Biopuncture!

here, some random brain-droppings / comments of mine regarding a Canadian North American Licensed ND's website.  Oh, how ANYTHING is permitted, as commerce, in Naturopathyland.  Licensed falsehood marches on:

001. Townsend, K. (ND CCNM 1998) tells us in "Naturopathic Medicine (Advantages & Core Principles)" (2015 archived):

"using nature and science together to live a more full and optimal life[...]";

now, if science studies the natural world...what could science and nature be?  Obviously, at a most logical level, such is 'science and nonscience'.

"naturopathic medicine supports optimal health gained from an understanding of the extraordinary ability of the body to heal itself through the power of nature. It promotes healing at the source of the issue though a wide variety of proven methods and techniques all using natural, non pharmaceutical products."

quite a promise: huge healing abilities unbeknownst to modern medicine, which is actually coded vitalism, and this idea that they as NDs get to what regular medicine can't, the cause.  And a promise that what they do is efficacious.

and we're also promised: "new research and scientific findings continue to highlight the benefits and importance of this growing healthcare initiative. For further information on the scientific background of naturopathic medicine please visit:,,"

so there's a lot of talk of 'science subset naturopathy'.  Yet, when you visit such large-org sites, you'll find that within the essentially naturopathy is what science knows to be junk, falsely posed as scientifically supported.  Therefore, yes: that's the NATURE part for them.  With SCIENCE language as a veneer.

002. her services list includes, on that same page:

"fertility treatments, bio-identical hormones, women's health-menopause, digestive health, Lyme disease, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical-herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, lab testing, bowen therapy, cranial sacral therapy, TBM- total body modification, EDS- electrodermal screening, biopuncture [...] the treatments are unique, safe, and effective."

now, there, what BELIES that "science" and "proven" and "effective" posture we just were told about, that we were just promised?   Well, there's acupuncture, homeopathy, cranial sacral therapy, TBS which is applied kinesiology nonsense, EDS which is completely absurd diagnostic bogosity, biopuncture which is injections of homeopathics.  For starters.  EFFECTIVE?  Effective rubbish.  Rubbish falsely posed as able to survive rigorous scientific filtering: the essentially naturopathic modus operandi.

and of course, this is ENDORSED by OAND on Facebook:
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