Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CTCA Naturopathic Oncology and 'Immune System Support' at YouTube (2016-01-24) & Round-Up

here, CTCA naturopathy featured at YouTube:

001. we're told at YouTube, in "Mike's Naturopathic Medicine Story":

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"Cancer Treatment Centers of America [...] Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa [...] naturopathic oncology provider [...we see ND Boudreau] here at Cancer Treatment centers of America [...] in suburban Chicago ['s] patient-centered care [...] often we have supplements supported by research [...] the integrative team [...] natural options [...] not just treat the symptoms but get at the root cause [...] build up that immune system [...] it's immensely rewarding [...]";

so, the three scariest words in medicine: naturopathic oncology provider.

002. and at CTCA, which is the page "", we get these results, by way of the web searches > naturopathic science<, and sciences<:

002.a. in "Meet Clinician Blogger Christina Shannon" (2013) (2016 archived):

"as a naturopathic doctor and specialist in treating people diagnosed with cancer, I hope to provide reliable, science-based information, in order to create an open dialogue where we all benefit [...] one of my goals when I first chose the field of naturopathic medicine was to introduce this science to as many people as possible";

002.b. in "John Birdsall, ND" (2016 archived):

"degree [...] doctorate, naturopathic medicine - National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL";

003. so 'science subset naturopathy', yet in "Naturopathic Medicine" (2016 archived), we're told:

"throughout your treatment, your naturopathic oncology provider will suggest natural therapies to support your immune system and reduce any treatment-related side effects, including [...] homeopathic remedies, mainly involving plant extracts and minerals that gently strengthen the body's healing and immune response";

so, that's science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  What are the ethics of peddling patent pseudoscience to people with cancer?  'Immune support', by the way, is considered BOGUS.
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