Friday, January 22, 2016

Epistemic Muddle Microcosm: A New Hampshire 'Naturopathic Lyme Practice'

here, a quick visit to the New Hampshire practice of Bastyr NDs Aguiar, DeHaas, Fassler, Heckt, and Quinn, which is called "North Coast Family Health Integrative Medicine Clinic". They term, basically, ANYTHING "science" and operate in the commercial space that way:

001. we're told "science" in these NDs' web pages:

001.a. the practice homepage (2016 archived), which states:

"naturopathic medicine for whole health. For over 25 years, North Coast Family Health has helped people overcome some of the toughest illnesses using a science-based, integrative approach to medicine [...] we use the art and science of naturopathic medicine, combining natural therapies with modern diagnostics and appropriate conventional treatments for optimal health and healing";

so, I think that's the BROAD claim 'science subset naturopathy / what we do'.

002.b. a bio. page titled "Dr. Kristy Fassler" (2016 archived), which states:

"Dr. Kristy Fassler, ND, DHANP, received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in Seattle in 1988";

again, I think that's the claim 'science subset naturopathy'.  And since that DHANP is 'naturopathy's homeopathy board specialization', I think we're being told too 'science subset homeopathy'.  Homeopathy as as scientific as elves and dwarves.   So, this is a kind of false trade in the commercial space.

002.c. and one more, there's the page "About Us" (2016 archived) which states:

"North Coast Family Health is a naturopathic healing clinic located in Portsmouth, NH integrating conventional medical science, lab testing, and therapies with natural therapies [...] using a science-based approach of nutrition, exercise, botanical medicines, homeopathy, bioidentical hormones, IV Nutrients, and carefully selected medicines, we seek to restore you to balance and health";

again, there's the explicit claim of 'science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.'  But, what is, exactly, a science-based approach to the science-ejected?  HOW does that work outside of insane asylums?   And you have to wonder: if homeopathy is just like all the other stuff they do in that it's just as good and as science, and homeopathy is truly junk and doesn't stand out for them as compared to the other stuff as such junk, then what does that say about naturopathic epistemic standards?

it means, for naturopathy: that anything is science, that science is equivalent to junk, overall that naturopathy truly is a kind of psychotic and delusional activity.  It's a crazy, licensed falsehood.

by the way, I got interested in this practice due to a podcast from the University of New Hampshire -- SHAME ON YOU -- that quite credulously hosts an interview with ND Fassler .  And I am quite amused by this ND's haughty / superior attitude as she slams mainstream infectious disease management, while she calls anything science at her practice, and all the while a quite credulous host abets the nonsense like a doe-eyed fan boy.
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