Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 is Wikipedia's "Year of Science": Lots to Do!

here, news on a concentrated effort to bolster the science content of Wikipedia:

001. at, we're told in "The Wikipedia Year of Science is Here!" (2016-01-19)

"in 2016, the Wiki Education Foundation will be working to get comprehensive — and comprehensible — science information into the screens and pockets of millions of readers by improving Wikipedia articles in the sciences. Along the way, we’ll challenge university students across the United States and Canada to share their knowledge of science with millions of readers. The Year of Science is a collective effort. We’re calling on experienced Wikipedia editors, and new ones. We’re calling on experienced science professors, Ph.D. candidates, and undergraduates. We’re calling on librarians. We’re calling on instructors from every university and college in the United States and Canada, in every science-related subject.  Improving Wikipedia as a resource is our top priority. As a globally accessible free knowledge resource, there’s nothing else like it. We’re asking all of you to help us make the Year of Science a powerful opportunity to empower student learning through Wikipedia."

lots to do!
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