Saturday, January 30, 2016

More ND Skowron, at 2016-01-30

here, one-sided promotion of 'the naturopathic pediatric'.  Not a lick of objectivity:

001. we're told, at, as reported by Leigh Tauss in "Wallingford Naturopathic Doctor Moving to New Location" (2016-01-30)(2016 archived):

"Dr. Jared Skowron [...] is expanding his pediatric naturopathic practice [...which includes] children with special needs [...] from ADHD to autism [...called] Harvest Park Naturopathic Medicine [...] in business independently in Wallingford since 2008 [...]";

so, a niche marketing strategy.

"he studied at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and served as faculty at the University of Bridgeport in the naturopathic department [...]";

what's fascinating about both institutions is that that they patently state that what is science-usupported is science-supported.  NCNM states naturopathy's contents survive scientific scrutiny, UBCNM states that naturopathy is health science.  I beg to differ with these categorical labels.  After all, naturopathy contains such things as homeopathy, toxin quackery, and supplements supplements supplements.  Which are all quite inplausible for autism.  So, what we have here are unregulated trials on human subjects without a plausible benefit, which is akin to taking people's money for 'the unworkable.' 

"naturopathic medicine takes a 'well-rounded' approach to diagnosis and treatment, looking at a variety of factors from diet to genetics, Skowron said. 'We do a lot of things because usually one of those things works' [...]";

if naturopathy truly were well-rounded, it would objectively weight the evidence for such a thing as homepathy nonsense, and not do it.  Period.

"to assess treatment options, the clinic uses biomedical testing that can analyze brain chemistry, genetic testing, Candida and parasite testing, toxicity testing and a nutritional analysis of the brain. A variety of treatments may be utilized, from homeopathy, to dietary changes, detoxification and Candida eradication and nutritional supplements [...]";

oh, the woofulness!

"in the new facility, Skowron said they will be able to offer a hyperbaric chamber. The high-pressure oxygen chamber floods the brain with oxygen [...]";

the FDA approves medical devices for specific usages.  That does NOT include autism.

"Skowron said the growth of his practice is a sign that more families are willing to invest in naturopathic medicine [...]";

are families informed before they consent?  Truly informed?
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