Monday, February 1, 2016

ND Skowron on NBC CT (2016-01)

here, ND Skowron on a major news outlet in Connecticut:

001. the YouTube "DrSkowron" account has posted the video "Stop the Flu - 2016" (vsc 2016-01-28), which tells us:


host: "fight the flu [...] here to tell us how to do that naturally, naturopathic physician Jared Skowron is here [...]";

ND S.: "February is always the biggest month for flu [...] there's many different strains of the flu [...] there's about three prevalent strains [...]";

sounds like science to me.

host: "bone broth soup is one thing you suggest [...]";

ND S.: "crock pot [...] it's amazing [...] and that boosts your immune system [...] dispose of the carcass as you normally do  [...]";

host: "you are so good at reminding us of supplements [...]";

ND S.: "vitamin D [...]";

host: "yes [...]";

ND S.: "the more you have the better your immune system will be [...and] wash your hands and don't cough on other people [...] decrease our excess sugar, decrease excess caffeine, and make sure we get enough sleep [...]"; 

what's up with his WILD EYES?  Truly crazy looking eyes.  And ah, the ND as infectious disease expert.  Does this TV station DISLIKE actually qualified MD immunology experts?
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