Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Canadian Homeopathy Absurdity Gets into Self-Protection Mode to Maintain Its Special Privilege

here, reporting on homeopathy in Canada:

001. at Canada's, Carly Weeks reports, in "Homeopaths Prepare to Launch Fight Against Pending Federal Policy Change" (2016-02-23):

"Canada’s homeopathy community is launching a fight against a pending federal policy change that will prohibit companies from making unsubstantiated claims on certain products aimed at children 12 and under [...] proponents of evidence-based medicine say the change is long overdue, but still does not go far enough because it does not apply to other products marketed to young people or to any products targeting adults [....]";

it's a disgusting special privilege that presently exists.  Sounds like adults though will still be victimized with unsubstantiated claim bullshit.  Homeopathy: the air guitar of pharmacy we're all supposed to pretend is real.  Homeopathy's special consideration is neither fair nor democratic.
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