Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Popular Science on Homeopathy: A "Therapeutic Dead End"

here, more reporting on the pseudopharmacy known as homeopathy:

001. Alexandra Ossola, at popsci.com, reports in "Homeopathy Is A 'Therapeutic Dead-End' Says British Scientist" (2016-02-22):

"homeopathy, the form of alternative medicine in which proponents claim that small doses of natural substances can cure patient’s ailments, has come under fire recently—Australia deemed the practice 'useless' in 2014, and last year the FDA considered cracking down on unregulated treatments sold over the counter. Now homeopathy has received another blow: Paul Glasziou, a professor of evidence-based medicine at Bond University in the United Kingdom, called homeopathy a 'therapeutic dead-end,' according to a blog post published on the website of the British Medical Journal last week [...]";

hear, hear.
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