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Naturopathic Epistemic Self-Incrimination: UBCNM's ND McPherson In NDNR 2016-02

here, wow!  Just WOW!  

001. in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review, 2016-02, there's the article "Homeopathy: Keynotes and Restoration of Health" (2016 archived) by "Florence McPherson, ND", wherein she writes:

001.a. about the vitalism-supernaturalism that is at the heart of homeopathy:

"Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Homeopathy: Keynotes and Restoration of Health [...] Florence McPherson, ND.  Prescribing to a patient's life force plus the totality of symptoms makes cure possible [...] as a homeopath, I am always close to or aware of the operation of the vital force in each of my patients - that force that animates the physical body in feelings, functions, sensations and awareness - the vital force that exists in all living things and gives life or autocracy to all physical life forms. This life force or energy becomes the basis of all operations in the person - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It is the life force in health that keeps bodily functions balanced and in order. It is this same life force in illness or dis-ease that creates imbalance or symptoms in the body, or alterations in form, feelings, and functions in the body.  When we are focused in this manner, we can gain insight into how to enhance a patient's health, leading him or her on a path to wellness by focusing on the whole life force rather than just their diagnosis [...] whether I am prescribing a naturopathic treatment protocol or prescribing a single homeopathic remedy, I am attuned to the process of the vital force in each individual patient. A patient may have an endocrine imbalance, a bacterial infection, a viral infection, etc; it is not only the physical but also the totality of symptoms and the vital force of the patient that is to be cured or assisted on a path to wellness in each instance [...] what is vital force? In Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of the Medical Art,1st through 6th editions, he refers to the life force as 'dynamis,' 'wesen,' and 'genius' to describe this animated force existing in nature. The term genius is found widely in homeopathic literature. Reading the Organon, written in German and subject to translation, one finds difficulty finding proper English words to express what he was intending to teach via these terms in his writings. However, we can understand the concept through his work.  In Aphorism 15, in the 6th edition of the Organon of the Medical Art, Hahnemann writes: 'the suffering of the morbidly mistuned, spirit-like dynamis (life force) enlivening our body in the invisible interior, and the complex of the outwardly perceptible symptoms portraying the present malady, which are organized by the dynamis in the organism, form a whole. They are one and the same. The organism is indeed a material instrument for life, but it is not conceivable without the life imparted to it by the instinctual, feeling and regulating dynamis, just as the life force is not conceivable without the organism. Consequently the two of them constitute a unity, although in thought, we split this unity into two concepts in order to conceptualize it more easily. (Hahnemann S. 1997)' [...] how does restoration of health come about when prescribing to the individual patient's vitality or dynamis combined with the physical or totality of symptoms?  In aphorism 17 of the Organon, 6th ed, Hahnemann expresses the following: when a cure occurs through the taking away of the entire complex of perceptible signs and befallments of disease, the internal alteration of the life force which is lying at its base (consequently the totality of the disease) is simultaneously lifted. It follows, therefore, that the...practitioner has only to take away the symptom complex in order to simultaneously lift and annihilate the internal alteration (i.e., the morbid mistunement of the life principle) and consequently the totality of the disease, the disease itself. When the disease is annihilated, health is restored. (Hahnemann S, 1997)' [...] it was how her expression, her story, her feeling of being traumatized, was affecting her life force and body that was important[...] thuja can have this 'expression' of guilt in the vital force [...] the vital essence of the patient has to have a match to the vital essence of the remedy that we prescribe medicinally. These keynote symptoms are often reliable in leading us to the correct remedy [...] with homeopathy - using diluted, vitalistic substances and according to basic homeopathic principles [...] as a homeopath and physician, it is necessary to understand disease and its processes - causation, prodrome, disease symptoms, exacerbations, associated symptoms, and alterations to the physical body; yet, diagnosis is a piece of the homeopathic or vitalistic treatment";
some SERIOUS prescientific and science-ejected vitalism there.

001.b. and yet claims homeopathy is science:

"the practice of homeopathy becomes a dedication - a life-long study, a commitment to a scientific paradigm shift which can only be learned, honed, and understood by experience through prescribing [...] for the purpose of this article, I attempt to highlight important concepts in this scientific way of viewing health, disease, and cure [...] principles of prescribing and philosophy are clear and concise, as laid out in Hahnemann's Organon of the Medical Art. It is vast and deep material, offering us a different scientific paradigm with which to help our patients heal";

science, science, science.

002. ND McPherson at UBCNM:

003. ND McPherson's web pages:

003.a. her homepage and bio.:

she tells us she's a UBCNM graduate on her bio.

and she describes homeopathy there as "science";

and we get the promise: "homeopathic remedies act curatively and preventively by raising your general level of health by strengthening your own internal defense mechanism or immune system."

003.b. her page "Organon Study" (2016 archived) tells us:

"homeopathic science is the subject of study";

so that science subset homeopathy claim.

004. what science says about homeopathy:

it is complete rubbish.  It is science-ejected.

005. what UBCNM says about naturopathy's contents, including its homeopathy:

we're told UB naturopathy's homeopathy is "science".

006. that humongous self-incriminating epistemic collision:

there's the PATENTLY OBVIOUS position by the University of Bridgeport's CNM of 'science subset nonscience' NONSENSE, and the ND who graduated from there and teaches there.

academic fraud at its finest...

licensed falsehood marches on...
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