Friday, February 19, 2016 Homeopathy a "Therapeutic Dead-End"

here, more bad news for naturopathy's homeopathy:
001., Siobhan Fenton reports, in "Homeopathy Effective For 0 out of 68 Illnesses, Study Finds Treatment has 'No Discernible Convincing Effects Beyond Placebo'"(2016-02-19):

"Professor Paul Glasziou, a leading academic in evidence based medicine [...] a leading scientist has declared homeopathy a 'therapeutic dead-end' after a systematic review concluded the controversial treatment was no more effective than placebo drugs. which was tasked with reviewing the evidence of 176 trials of homeopathy to establish if the treatment is valid [...] a total of 57 systematic reviews, containing the 176 individual studies, focused on 68 different health conditions - and found there to be no evidence homeopathy was more effective than placebo on any [...]";

another nail in the coffin of homeopathy that has more nails in it than any coffin I can imagine.

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