Saturday, February 27, 2016

ND Glidden: Divine Intelligence aka Spiritual Force Guides Insulin in the Body, Duh!

here, I excerpt from a ND Glidden video that discusses naturopathy's principal tenet, that a 'purposeful life spirit' aka 'divine intelligence' aka 'spiritual force' is responsible for physiology, and here, particularly, the chemical activity of insulin:

001. Glidden, P. (ND Bastyr), in "Dr. Glidden Interview on The Leon Show (DIVINE INTELLIGENCE)" [not my caps; 2016-02-26; vsc 2016-02-26], states:
[here's the embed link:

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"[ND Glidden: if] the naturopaths, and the homeopaths, and the Ayurvedic practitioners [...were funded] MDs practicing general family medicine would be out of a job because their therapeutics for chronic diseases do not work [...] our therapeutics work [...]";

if you can count on one thing from ND Glidden, it is vitriol.  And illogic.  Homeopathy, scientifically speaking, doesn't work.  And homeopathy is an integral part of naturopathy. Yet, here it's claimed to be an option.  As what works.  Ah, the reversal of values...

 "[ND Glidden] this is the fundamental philosophy [...of] naturopathic medicine [...and] homeopathic medicine, herbalism, Ayurveda, chiropractic.  Every holistic type of medicine argues [that] the human body is endowed with a spiritual force, a spiritual intelligence, a divine intelligence which is directing the show [...] there are millions of metabolic processes happening right now in our bodies completely beyond our conscious control. Somebody's running that show.  It's the divine intelligence in the human body that's running that show.  The body knows how to fix itself.  The body want's to fix itself [...] the way nature and god intended [...] the way god intended [it] to [...] insulin floats through the blood, binds to the cell walls.  How does it know how to do that? You would think that that would be an interesting question to ask, but medical doctors don't ask that question.  How does it know where to go and what to do?  It's a biochemical.  How does it know where to go and what to do? Well I'll tell you how it knows where to go and what to do.  Because there's divine intelligence guiding it, period [...]";

so, supernaturalism as a basis for physiology and chemistry.  Interesting.  Interesting and NOT SCIENTIFIC.  Sectarian.  That basic sectarianism at the heart of naturopathy.

"[ND Glidden] this is academic, this is not arguable [...]";

oh, I disagree.

"[ND Glidden] even though I went to a fully accredited naturopathic medical school, all the licensing everything, eight years of medical education, thousands of hours of clinical supervision, I'm only allowed to practice medicine in 18 states [...] so what does that mean, that the laws of nature, and physics and science change when you cross a state line?  No [...] it has everything to do with politics [...]";

well, naturopathy is actually 4 years of 'medical' education.  And I think there's an inherent claim of science by ND Glidden.  The science subset nonscience naturopathy thing.  It has everything first and foremost to do with epistemology.
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