Monday, February 29, 2016 Radio's The Current: Homeopaths MD Malthouse and Fisher, Skeptic MDs Ernst and Offit

here, homeopathy proponentry and criticism, in an audio interview:

001. Radio's The Current has the web page "Homeopaths and Skeptics Battle New Health Canada Labeling Policy" (2016-02-29) with an mp3 link to a 25 minute interview (2016 archived).  Some things that caught my ear include:

"[host] new label requirements come into effect in July [for homeopathy...homeopathy must meet] the same standards conventional medicine must meet [...]"; 

so, this is the catalyst causing homeopathy to be back in the news: its privileged position must end.

"[the MD proponent] homeopathy is often confused with naturopathy [...] I use it for many problems [...] in my experience, personally, it works very well [...] there's evidence in the literature that supports homeopathy [...] you could stack the evidence from the floor to the ceiling showing homeopathy works [...] changing the labeling will be harmful to patients [...] it really does work [...and he mentions] nanobubbles [...what's] electromagnetic [...] silica [...]";

agreed, homeopathy is actually cooked in to naturopathy and often treated as a synonym.  Homeopathy is actually where the 'pathy' part of naturopathy comes from: nature cure plus homeopathy.  And all these claims of homeopathy working are QUITE contrary to what science knows.  And I love the pseudoscience 'mechanisms' proposed.

"[MD Ernst] the more rigorous the train, the less likely you have a positive result with homeopathy [...] homeopathic remedies are placebos [...and benefits are also due to] nonspecific factors [...] the evidence is now very very clear [...] the totality of the evidence [...]";


"[MD Offit] I think it's a religion [...] science and medicine are not belief systems [...] it's not science-based [...] it's an antiscience bias [...]";

there you go.
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