Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Portland's ND Cluney: Homeopathy is 'Particularly Most Effective and Firmly Science-Based'

here, a microcosm of naturopathy's 'science subset abject nonscience' MO:

001. at her homepage (2016 archived), ND Cluney (Bastyr 2010) writes:

"Dr. Paula Cluney offers compassionate natural healthcare in the downtown Portland area [...] individualized and quality care [...] her practice strongly utilizes homeopathy as a therapeutic treatment and she aims to create the most natural and effective therapies to support your entire system [...]";

quite a bunch of contradictions there!  Homeopathy is as effective and quality as getting hit on the head with a hammer for a headache!  Like does cure like, wink-wink.  The natural healthcare that is the junk...

"[and we're told] 'the natural forces within us are the true healers of disease' — Hippocrates'";

as an ND with so much HOMEOPATHY fervor, this likely is a coding for "vital force". 

002. while in "Services" (2016 archived) we're told:

"modern naturopathic medicine [] firmly science-based [....and she uses] homeopathy as a common supportive therapy [...] classical homeopathy serves to get to the deepest cause of a person’s illness by addressing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of a person as well as childhood history, previous illnesses and causation of a disease [...]";

ah, yes: 'science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy'.  Not.

"homeopathic remedies are particularly effective in treating common conditions such as depression and anxiety, allergies, infections, digestive problems, skin problems and many other acute and chronic conditions such as headaches and colds and flu";

except, of course, scientifically speaking, they are not.  Licensed falsehood marches on...
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