Sunday, March 20, 2016

Alaska's ND Lamb (ND NCNM) Admits Naturopathy's Science Standards Are "Not Legitimate"

here, a not-that-surprising revelation:

001. Elizabeth Earl reports at in "Alternative Medicine Providers Seek Place in Health Care Reform" (2016-03-19):

"Dawn Lamb [ND NCNM...] who practices in Soldotna, is one of 57 doctors with active naturopath licenses in Alaska and among a handful on the Kenai Peninsula. Natural medicine, as naturopathy is increasingly called, is hinged on the belief that the body can naturally heal itself [...]";

ah, coded vitalism.

"complementary and alternative medicine generates controversy because the medical community does not recognize many types. Lamb includes Eastern medicine practice in her naturopathic clinic, and says it is an important part of her practice. Lamb says it has a scientific base, just not the type Western medicine recognizes as legitimate, she said [...]";

quite true.  'The science that ain't science.'

"[and the ND states] 'I went to Peru and got some training in yoga for addiction, I do breath work, I do homeopathy,' Lamb said. 'I do things that are for most people way out there, but sometimes, the ‘way out there’ works really well' [...]";

it's super-way-out-there to think homeopathy actually works.
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