Sunday, March 20, 2016

Alberta's Ezekiel Stephan Trial: Has Someone Perjured Themselves? (The ND? Her Assistant? Stories conflict...)

here, I cite from reporting on the tragic trial:

001. at, we're told in "A Naturopath Says She Advised Collet Stephan to Take Her Toddler with Meningitis to a Hospital Immediately" (2016-03-17):

"[ND] Tannis testified that she was with a patient when a clinic worker interrupted to tell her a mother was on the phone asking about a treatment for meningitis. She said she followed the employee back to the phone. 'You need to tell the lady to take the child to emergency right away,' Tannis said she told the worker. Tannis remained by the phone long enough to confirm the message was relayed, then returned to her patient, she said.  She added that she was never asked if an echinacea tincture called 'Blast' would be a good treatment for meningitis.  Under cross-examination, the jury heard Tannis never mentioned to police that she had remained by the phone while the advice was passed on. The worker, Lexie Vatama, also told investigators that she introduced the naturopath to Collet Stephan when she later arrived at the clinic, and described her as the mother of 'the little one with meningitis.'  Tannis testified that she never met the mother"; 

ut-oh.  As reported, those are two very different stories, and they both can't be right.  The ND has apparently emptied out her web pages, but there are in, like this page that promotes homeopathy and other therapeutic woo, and diagnostic woo.  But, since naturopaths regulate themselves, there may not be an intra-naturopathy response.  But perjury!  That's actionable no matter who.
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