Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alberta ND Tannis Involved in Ezekiel Stephan's Fatal Mistreatment

here, more news on this sad event:

001.'s Bill Graveland reports in "Alberta Naturopath Says Mom Asked for 'Immune Booster' for Boy Sick with Meningitis" (2016-03-10):

"an employee [...] who fills holistic prescriptions at the Lethbridge Naturopathic Medical Clinic [...] at a southern Alberta naturopathic clinic says the mother of a gravely ill toddler asked for an immune system boost because she feared her son had viral meningitis [...] she said, 'my baby might have a form of meningitis and we think it might be viral and not bacterial' [...the parents]  have pleaded not guilty to failing to provide the necessities of life to 19-month-old Ezekiel, who died in March 2012 [...naturpath] Dr. Tracey Tannis [...] asked [..that employee] to make up a tincture of echinacea"; 

oh, my.  The old holistic-naturopathic junkpile.  Primary care, circa 1865.

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