Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Dr. Joe Schwarcz Show: Homeopathy is A Totally Bogus Masquerade, 2016

here,  Dr. Joe Schwarcz on homeopathy, 2016:

001.  at, we're told in "Dr. Joe: Homeopathic Nonsense" (2016-03-10):

"there is overwhelming evidence that homeopathic remedies are equivalent to placebos [...] Health Canada does not require proof of efficacy for homeopathic 'remedies' [...] while the vast majority of the scientific community considers the notion that non-existent molecules can treat disease totally bogus, Health Canada actually confers a homeopathic drug identification number [...] on such products [...while] these products contain nothing [...] if after two hundred years and hundreds of studies, aside from the expected statistical quirks, evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy has not emerged, it is time to stop the masquerade and declare openly that homeopathic products are equivalent to placebos [...]";

such special privilege.

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