Tuesday, March 1, 2016

American Council on Science and Health: Homeopathy is "Black Magic" 2016

here, ACSH on homeopathy: 

001. we're told in the ACSH post "Homeopathy is ‘Therapeutic Dead-End’, Researcher Finds"(2016-03-01):

"the American Council on Science and Health has repeatedly opposed homeopathy as unproven 'black magic' that in no way stacks up when compared to evidence-based medicine [...]";

interesting label.

"this sort of alternative medicine  [...] not only doesn’t it work, homeopathy can be harmful [...]";


 "Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council released a report confirming that evaluation to further denigrate homeopathy [...]";

interesting language, denigrate.  Sounds too much like a bullying word, though, to me.  I would have said something more like "further dismissing homeopathy's claims."

"the NHMRC report found that homeopathy was effective in fighting none of the 68 illnesses studied [...]";

"was effective in fighting none" is asking for misinterpretation.  "Was not effective in fighting any" is better.
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