Sunday, April 17, 2016

Australia ND to Get Up to 15 Years for Cannabis Oil Business

here, a report of an naturopath in Australia busted for selling cannabis whatever, and apparently some very harsh penalties in these times of decriminalization:

001. tells us, as reported by Christopher Knaus, in "Braddon Naturopath Faces 15 Years for Making Cannabis Oil, Selling to Patients" (2016-04-14):

"a Braddon-based naturopath is facing a 15-year jail sentence for manufacturing cannabis oil and tincture at his clinic and selling it to dozens of patients [...from] the Total Health Clinic [...] beneath a desk in the office of naturopath Ryan Franzi, 39, they found about 700 grams of cannabis in a cooler bag [...] he admitted he had used the cannabis to make oil and tincture [...that was then] sold on to patients [...] the tincture was sold for $120 a bottle, while the oil went for $200 [...] Franzi is now facing two charges of manufacturing a controlled drug for selling. That makes him liable for a 15-year maximum jail sentence [...]"; 

this reminds me of the Arizona naturopaths and their weed-misadventures.
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