Monday, April 18, 2016, Chair of British Homeopathy Association Defends Homeopathy

here, defense of the absurd aka homeopathy:

001., "Margaret Wyllie [...] chairwoman of the British Homeopathic Association" writes in "Margaret Wyllie: Scotland Should Embrace Homeopathy" (2016-04-18):

"the fierce debate that rages around homeopathy [...]";

scientifically speaking, there is not debate: homeopathy doesn't work, it shouldn't work.  Both.

"opponents of the therapy see themselves as the torchbearers of medical science, who condescendingly dismiss those who disagree with their purely theoretical view of medicine as the 'enemies of science', 'charlatans' or 'gullible fools' [...]";

hmmmm, they are.  So, what is a "purely theoretical view of medicine"?   Well, science is based on evidence and a theory explains evidence.  What's condescending about that?  It's the homeopaths with their thickheaded insistence in spite of all that's know who are to be criticized...

"the highly trained doctors and other healthcare professionals who integrate homeopathy into their practice are not enemies of science [...] it cannot be denied that scientific research into the efficacy of homeopathy is inconclusive, although it is far from being as negative as opponents claim [...]";

bullshit.  It's over lady.ok., let's call them delutional.

"one study found that 70.7 per cent of more than 6,500 follow-up patients, treated with homeopathy for a range of chronic medical complaints, reported positive health changes [...]"; 

ah, cherry picking studies.
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