Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bastyr Naturopathy 101 Admissions Webinar 2016: Distinct, Coded Vitalism, Science, Homeopathy, Best!

here, Bastyr University setting the hook with quite opaque disinformation on what essentially naturopathy is, as usual, in their April 2016 admissions webinar:

001. from the YouTube account "Bastyr University", we're told in "Webinar: Naturopathic Medicine 101" (2016)[vsc 2016-04-19]:

the lecturer is:

"Jane Guiltinan, ND. Professor and Dean, School of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University [...] I've been working at the school for almost thirty years [...] contact information [...for] Bastyr University Office of Admissions [...and we're told about money as] financial aid [...] loans [...] debt [...] it's expensive [ much] student loan debt [...] AANMC [...] I serve as president of their board right now [...]"; 

so, you would think that someone so emersed in naturopathy for so long could concisely define naturopathy.  But, on the other had, being a naturopath requires evasiveness, perhaps to GET THE MONEY.  And the AANMC, that ND school consortia that promotes like this, knows how to get the money.

a "distinct" claim:

"[she tells us supposedly] what naturopathic medicine is all about [...] a basic definition of naturopathic medicine ['s] a distinct method of primary health care [...]";

so, being something distinct, you'd think the language used would be transparent and specific.

but then she blows it, with 'coded vitalism':

"focuses on the innate healing capacity of nature [...naturopathy's] one essential founding concept.  Naturopathic physicians believe that the human organism, any living organism has an innate healing capacity [...] the healing power of the body [...] the natural healing capacity of individuals [...] that key phrase [...] these are the naturopathic principles [...#2] the healing power of nature [...] nature is a very powerful healing agent [...] that power [...] stimulate the healing power of nature [...]"; 

so much for being distinct.  The term nature is indistinct.  It's stupid to call nature distinct.  For naturopathy, this is the "life force" or dynamis belief at the heart of naturopathy, veiled.  Weird cultic beliefs are bad for business.  Let the marks find out later, after they're started along the opaque path.

science claims:

"naturopathic medicine - education and training [...] 2 years of basic sciences, 2 years clinical sciences [...] NPLEX [...its] part one [...] that's a basic science test [...] where to find evidence for naturopathic medicine [databases...] the science tells us and the evidence tells us [...]";

well, research tells me naturopathy is based on vitalism and science tells me that vitalism is science-ejected.


"modalities [...] tools [...] homeopathy [...these] highly potentized remedies [...] that are very specific [and that's all you are told...and we're show a book] homeopathic physician [...]";

research and science also tell us that homeopathy is bogus.  Not potent. 

Bastyr as incredible, as best:

"Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine is the best program in the world [] incredible track record of research and scholarly activities [...] it is a university [...] the United States has the most advanced training for naturopathic doctors in the world [...] it is a rigorous program [...]"; 

rigorous nonsense.  Rigorous manipulative nonsense.  Such a reversal of values.

regarding MA's:

"medical assistants [...] we have two of them in our clinic right now [...] they help us [...]"; 

is that ethical?  Not according to my AMT Code of Ethics.

 [her recommended book was stated but the sound cut out so I emailed them]
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