Thursday, April 21, 2016

ND Roberts and 'Evidence of Harm' Producer Randall Moore Video On 'Big-Bad Amalgam Mercury' (yawn!)

here, anti-amalgamist talk.  They've found a cause of chronic disease, including Alzheimer's:

001. from the YouTube account "Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre", we're told in "Behind The Scenes Interview with Randall Moore, Producer of Evidence of Harm" (2016) [vsc 2016-04-21; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[from the description] Dr. Melina Roberts of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Center has a candid interview with Randall Moore the Producer of Evidence of Harm [here's his movie site...]";

the Wikipedia article "Evidence of Harm", the book the movie is based on, states: "the autism-vaccine link has been firmly discredited, including any suggested evidence of a link between thimerosal and autism. The majority of scientific consensus agrees with vast population studies that have shown there to be no link between vaccines, autism, and thimerosal. The original paper by Andrew Wakefield that started a media firestorm and led to fears of vaccination amongst parents has been discredited and research by journalist Brian Deer showed the data used in the paper to be fraudulent." 

"[...from the video, the ND] just wanted to speak with Randall Moore the producer of Evidence of Harm before we do our movie screening this Thursday [...] I saw the film and I was super-impressed and so excited [...] getting this information out to the public [...]";

since her Alberta practice includes craniosacral therapy, I don't think it will take much to impress this ND.

[...the film guy] mercury and Alzheimer's [...] dental amalgam fillings [...] which my dad had a whole mouthful of [...] there's such a wealth of science out there that shows that this stuff should be nowhere near a human being [...] ";

he speaks of if he has found a cause of his father's unfortunate Alzheimer's.  It's not.  It would be known already, because this has been going on for decades.  The science, in sum.  As done and interpreted by scientists.  It's simple: to be the one who discovers that in people's mouths is a huge cause of disease would be FAME.  You can't stop that.  What's more plausible is that there isn't this science, it couldn't be kept secret.  People are too greedy for fame that way.  Quackwatch has the great article "The 'Mercury Toxicity' Scam: How Anti-Amalgamists Swindle People". 

"[but the ND says] I totally agree that this information needs to get out there [...] it baffles me that the connection isn't made [...] what do you think prevents dentists, the dental schools [...] from making this connection [...] amalgams [....and] chronic disease [...]";

I agree that it's information.  But it's wrong.  So now fillings are responsible for a swathe called 'chronic disease'.

"[...the film guy] the dental students [...across North America] are being misinformed [...] their whole worldview seems to reinforce that this is a safe product [...]";

that's quite the accusation.

"[...the film guy] mercury isn't like that [...] you could have twenty people you could have twenty different diseases [...and the ND says] right [...this is] hugely valuable information [...] I really like how you showed both sides of the coin [...]";

sounding a lot like candida and other bogeymen.

"[...the film guy] that [amalgam] removal process is extremely dangerous [...but] necessary for those people who are ill go really get into good health [...find a] mercury-safe dentists who can protect you [...]";

boo!  I'd much rather have seen a documentary exposing naturopathic fraud, because the film guy seems to care about health and consumer issues.

002. ND Roberts is a CCNM graduate;
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