Monday, April 11, 2016

(former)ND Hermes at Naturopathy's Dangerous, Full of Pseudoscience

here, insight from inside naturopathy:

001. at, we're told in "Former Naturopathic Doctor Calls for an End to Naturopathic Pediatrics" (2016-04-10) by (former)ND Hermes:

"when governments license naturopaths to practice, it is in a sense a government endorsement. It's dangerous because there is a lot of rhetoric around the naturopathic education and training where naturopaths are claiming they receive the same medical education as medical doctors [...] in reality, naturopaths are not trained in the same way and they're being thrust out to practice as primary care doctors without the sufficient training to recognize dangerous diseases as bacterial meningitis [...] to come to the realization that not only was I inadequately trained, but that I had been trained in a bunch of pseudoscience was really hard to take, and depressing at times [...]";

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