Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Do Naturopaths KNOW About Spirit? ND Furtado and Money For "Spiritual Well-Being"!

here, pretending to know about what is not knowable IMHO!  And taking money for it:

001. at, we're told in "Naturopath Kim Furtado to Offer Spiritual Well-Being Retreat  April 30" (2016-04-10)(2016 archived):

"Kim Furtado, ND, will share her 21 years of naturopathic wisdom [...] at a one-day retreat [...]":

ah, the religious wordage...

"a supportive, intimate group setting with tranquil surroundings will facilitate meaningful personal enrichment.  Participants will explore how biochemistry can stall or propel [...]":

ah, this doesn't sound very spiritual.  This sounds MUNDANE.

"the cost is $95 for the retreat and nutritious lunch [...] for more information and to register in advance, go to [...]";

of course, if you were a cynic, you might say: this ND can say ANYTHING and since that anything is unknowable -- the spiritual, whatever that is -- her certainty is a ruse.   "Naturopathic wisdom", I do not defer.  Is naturopathy "science-based natural medicine" or religiosity/supernaturalism?  It can't be both.
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