Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ND DHANP LAc Les Moore: Homeopathy For Fear (fear of reality!), Acupuncture for Kidneys (the medieval kind!)

here, some pseudopharmacy and -therapy which is core naturopathy:
001. NCNM ND Moore writes in "Health Checkup: Fear is Bad For You; how to Fight It" (2016-04-05):

"fear is rampant these days. Terrorism, political disputes on all sides, financial and economic instability, and many other things contribute to its spread [...] research has shown the emotional, mental, physical and social effects of chronic fear. It can affect our adrenal glands, which produce our fight or flight hormone, and can contribute to the many diseases associated with stress. Acute fear can affect our heart and our hormones, as well [...]";

fear!  I hear reality is rather scary for homeopaths as well...

"according to classical Chinese medicine, fear affects the kidneys [...]";[...] acupuncture can be used to improve the function of the kidneys and restore balance to them [...] acupuncture can also help other functions associated with the kidney network, such as low back pain, hot flashes, infertility and bladder health  [...]":

except when you scientificifally study it with rigor.

"homeopathy, since its development over 200 years ago, has been used to restore emotional health. Homeopathic remedies can be used for fear and shock, stage fright, chronic stress and fear, fear of flying and many other phobias. Homeopathy to address fear is done by seeing a qualified practitioner of homeopathy.[...]";

oh to be qualified in unicorn tears, flying carpets, and magic beans.

"Les Moore is a naturopath, homeopath and licensed acupuncturist [...]";

the three horsemen of the woo...
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