Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Colorado's Dept. of Regulatory Agencies Video on Their Naturopathy Partnership

here, the State of Colorado partnership with naturopathy-falsehood:

001. Colorado's DORA tells us in "Naturopathic Doctor Continuing Professional Competency Requirements" (2016-03):
[they've turned off embedding -- how undemocratic!!! -- but here's a screencapture:

"[concerning] continuing competency requirements [...] the CPD Program [...these] CC requirements [...] a self-reflective assessment [...] your learning goals [...] the approved form [...the] Naturopathic Doctor Reflective Self-Assessment Tool [...for] naturopathic doctors registered with DORA [...whose] mission statement [...includes] preserving the integrity of the marketplace [...] a fair and competitive business environment [...and they tell us] consumer protection is our mission [...and they mention Colorado's] Naturopathic Doctor Practice Act [...and that] continuing competency is flexible [...see] www.colorado.gov/dora/naturopathy [...contact] dora_dpo_continuedcompetency@state.co.us";

regulated AUDITED nonsense, marches on...Because naturopathy sure hasn't "integrity" or fairness, or about consumer protection.  Otherwise pseudoscience wouldn't be offered falsely as science, in naturopathy commerce land whether academic, clinical, or commercial...for instance, homeopathy is written into the Colorado naturopathy statute.
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