Monday, April 4, 2016

ND Yori's Naturopathy and Her Practice

here, some reporting on naturopathy and then some excerpts from the ND's pages:

001., Abigail Curtis reports in "How a Former Wrestler, Farmer Became a ‘Doctor Who Listens’" (2016-04-04)(2016 archived):

"Dr. Elizabeth Yori, naturopathic doctor, is practicing at Belfast Natural Medicine [...] in Maine, which has licensed naturopathic doctors as primary care doctors since 1996, NDs must hold a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America, according to the Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors. They also must pass the national naturopathic licensing exam and earn an additional state license [...]";

so, the reporter doesn't share with us the fact that those schools claim science upon the quite not supported by science, and that that licensure exam claims homeopathy is a "clinical science", which is false and overall such epitomizes the falsehoods at the heart of naturopathy.  So, this is a propaganda piece.  Aka licensed falsehood promoted by a sympathetic reporter with shallow understanding and lazy about research that is readily available.
"[the ND is] a woman who is used to doing things a little bit differently  [...] Yori [...] decided to attend Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington and graduated last June [...] a challenging alternative medical school in Washington state [...and] is saddled with a large student loan from Bastyr University [...] Yori's practice is cash-based [...she's] a newly minted doctor of naturopathic medicine [...] to her naturopathic doctors are 'doctors who listen' [...] there are more than 30 licensed naturopathic doctors practicing in the state and more than 4,000 nationwide. Steady growth within the industry since the mid-1990s reflects a 'rising public interest in holistic treatments and natural methods of health care that are outside the scope of conventional medicine,' according to the association [...]";

Bastyr, where you take out loans for 'falsehood credentials'.  That's quite different.  So, there be some commerce there, growing like a tumor, whether Title IV or marketplace.  Let's check out that practice, because I'd like to see if these doctors listen to the march of scientific consensus.

"Gordon Smith of the Maine Medical Association, the Brunswick-based group that advocates for physicians, their patients and public health, said medical doctors do not equate naturopathic schools with medical schools and opposed their licensing in Maine [...]";

I certainly hope so, as you'll see what they do.

002. the ND's practice, the sausage that comes out of the ND factory:

there's a bio. page which tells us she's "a board-certified, state-licensed naturopathic doctor" and she speaks of "SCENAR" training, which is, in part at least, reflexology quackery;

and the homepage speaks of "a full range of natural medical services [...] a body, mind, spirit approach including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, biotherapeutic drainage, botanical medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy" and they call such "quality, competent, and compassionate";

as in WOO galore. I'd love to KNOW how they do "spirit".  It sounds nice on paper, but what to they DO?  And how do they know it's not part of psychology, but is of the true spirit-religious-supernatural?  HOW?
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