Sunday, April 10, 2016

The GTS's on Homeopathy

here, excerpts from the Good Thinking Society's Homeopathy Awareness Week page:

001. at the homepage, we're told:

"this website has been created by the Good Thinking Society, in order to spread real awareness of what homeopathy is, and the dangers it can represent, during Homeopathy Awareness Week [...] it is vitally important for everybody to have access to the most accurate information possible on healthcare before making an informed decision [...]";

hear, hear.

"World Homeopathy Awareness Week takes place from April 10th - 16th and is aimed at raising awareness of homeopathic remedies. Each year, homeopaths from around the world use this week to promote their practice and gain publicity – yet public awareness of the realities of homeopathy remains low [...e.g.] many people mistakenly believe homeopathic products are a form of herbal product – not realizing that homeopathic products typically contain no active ingredients at all [...] modern homeopathic tablets are generally 100% sugar, containing no active ingredient whatsoever [...]";

and here we go down the rabbit hole.

"as part of Homeopathy Awareness Week, we would like to raise awareness of twelve key points about homeopathy [...]";

and so they do, at the link above.  Go there, give them the traffic, be aware...
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