Monday, May 23, 2016

IV in an RV: ND Rootes of Vancouver!

here, quite the invasive boutique:

001. at, Thandi Fletcher writes in "Healthy Obsession: ‘IV to Go’ Ambulance Hits Vancouver Streets" (2016-05-20):

"naturopathic doctor Heidi Rootes [is] co-owner [...of] the IV Wellness Boutique on Homer Street in Yaletown [...they've] just launched the 'IV to go' mobile lounge  [...] which starts at $125 a drip [..and is] a customized purple ambulance that brings medical professionals straight to a customer’s home, office or special event to administer a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids through an intravenous drip [...] IV vitamin therapy is commonly used as a quick hangover cure [...] if you’re having trouble reading this because your head is pounding from one too many drinks last night, help could be just a phone call away [...and the ND promises] 'we definitely can help them recover' [...] Rootes claims IV vitamins can also help treat a variety of medical conditions, including fatigue, anxiety and depression, and can help support weight loss and boost immunity — all benefits that she says can’t be achieved as effectively through vitamin pills";

weird how the Canadian NDs are so invasive.  Not sounding that natural to me.
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