Saturday, May 21, 2016

ND Farwell of Ontario Wants to Save You From the Toxin Boogeyman!

here, employment of The Toxin Boogeyman by a naturopath in Canada:

001. Farwell, S. (ND CCNM)  tells us in "Time for a Detox? Naturopathic Medicine Can Help!"

"[from the description] detox program now at Waterloo Naturopathic clinic! If you'd like to have a personalized detoxification program specific to your healthcare needs please go to my website! [...from the video] naturopathic medicine can customize a detox specifically for your healthcare needs [...] detoxification eliminates toxins from the body [...] heal [...] balance [...] restore [...] decrease [...] enhance [...] ";

for your digestion, energy, headaches, sleep, anxiety.  Because "a detox can help [...] better organ function"... supposedly.  Unnamed, highly noxious....TOXINS!
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