Saturday, May 14, 2016

MD Lipson: Naturopaths are "Fake" "Not Real"

here, criticism of naturopathy:

001. at, MD Lipson writes in "Naturopaths: Fake Doctors In White Coats?" (2016-05-12):

"there is a widely held belief that there is more than one kind of medical system. We hear about 'mainstream' medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, Ayurvedic, naturopathic medicine. But what is most important to anyone interested in their health is whether or not something works [...] most doctors accept that there is no 'alternative' medicine; there is only 'medicine' and everything else. Any 'alternative' medicine that passes scientific muster is adopted and becomes simply 'medicine' [...]";

let's call that idea false equivalency.

"the medical system most of us think of when we see our doctors is different from the others in that it is 'science-based,' that is it relies on evidence derived from scientific studies for its practices. As a specialist in internal medicine [...] I am relying on decades of scientific studies to guide me in helping my patient [] the heart of modern medical science: we test out our ideas, and we don’t rely only on common sense and things that sound plausible [...] what I do is based on over one hundred years of science [...]";

let's call that the slog of progress. 

"naturopathy is not medicine or science, but more akin to religion [...] some typical naturopathic procedures  [...include] long-disproved quackery such as homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and electromagnetic therapy (none of which have a consistent definition, but as they are generally understood, make no scientific sense and have been tested and found to be useless or dangerous) [...] these fake doctors [...] naturopaths are not real doctors [...] naturopaths are glorified faith-healers trying to put a scientific patina on myth, and worse, legislate trust in their abilities [...]";

fake indeed and in deed, as in fake therapies and diagnostics.
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