Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oz Naturopath Bodnar Charged

here, bad news for a certain Australian naturopath who thinks stunting babies is a form of healing:

001.  Jonathan Pearlman at writes in "Naturopath Charged After 'Bringing Baby to Brink of Death' with Raw Food Diet" (2016-05-13):

"a naturopath [...] Marilyn Bodnar [...] is facing criminal charges in Australia after telling a breastfeeding mother to eat only raw fruit, vegetables and seeds – advice which led to the emaciated baby being hospitalised [...] Ms Bodnar has pleaded not guilty to recklessly causing the boy grievous bodily harm and failing to provide for the child and causing danger of death [...] the 33-year-old mother has also been charged and pleaded guilty to an offence of failing to provide for her child [...] Ms Bodnar said: 'are you 100 per cent raw? You have to be 100 per cent raw if you want to see your son heal' [eczema...then] police said that the baby developed a fever, prompting Ms Bodnar to put the mother on  a 'water-only diet' [...the ND told her] 'you are not allowed to eat anything if you want to see him get better [while the mother was breast feeding]";


"as the baby’s condition worsened, Ms Bodnar allegedly told the mother to let the six-month-old baby suck raw food from a net and to feed on goat’s milk. When the baby vomited the milk, Ms Bodnar allegedly said this was helpful because it was 'eliminating the toxins that caused the eczema' [...]";

crazy upon crazy.
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