Friday, May 20, 2016

ND Snider: Two Years of Science-Based Makes Us Categorically Perpetually Science-Based!

here, great naturopathic illogic:

001., Andrew Philips writes in "Natural Medicine Unfairly Vilified: Naturopath" (2016-05-18):

"[ND] Jody Snider [...states] we are primary-care practitioners [...] we use natural treatments [...and speaks of] a number of misconceptions and false information about her profession [...] 'there was a lot of talk that we don’t practise science-based medicine [...but] the first two years of our four-year program is all science-based' [...] depending on a naturopathic doctor’s approach and the needs of the individual patient, treatments may include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, physical treatments, acupuncture and Asian medicine, lifestyle counselling, or a combination of these [...]";

being scientific is not about what you have DONE, it's about what you do.  And with homeopathy in the mix, you have to wonder if an ND even has a clue.
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