Friday, June 3, 2016

World Naturopathic Federation ND Lloyd Video

here, a link to a short video on the World Naturopathic Federation's recent 2016 activity:

001. from the YouTube 'World Naturopathic Federation WNF' account, we're told in "Video Message WHO WHA 16" (vsc 2016-06-02):

"[from the description] The President (Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND) and the Vice-President (Tina Hausser, Heilkpraktiker) of the WNF, along with the Co-Secretary Generals – naturopathic doctors Jon Wardle and Tabatha Parker represented the WNF at the WHO’s 69th World Health Assembly in Geneva Switzerland from May 23rd to 27th [2016]"; 

here's their homepage and their wooful content there [2016 archived], and here's their facebook page.
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