Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Otto's "The War on Science" Excerpt: Naturopathy's Vitalism Is A "Concept Collapse"

here, more bad news for naturopathy-pseudoscience-vitalism:

001. in the recent book "The War on Science" [2016; 9781571313539], Shawn Otto writes:

 "[when] what once appeared as an oasis is really a mirage [...] neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland calls this process concept collapse [...] as examples, she offers the concepts of impetus in physics and vitalism in biology [...] with vitalism, the life force [...] was thought to distinguish living things from nonliving things [...] a living body different from a dead one [...] 'some vital force or spirit [...] that concept too has been revealed as illusory' [...]";

meanwhile, naturopathy posits that a "life force" [.gov] or "vis vitalis" [WNF] runs physiology. Now, generously, Churchland is quoted as dating "life force" to the year 1900.  So, lets be generous and say vitalism finally died-died-died with the discovery of DNA's structure by Watson and Crick in 1953.  That makes naturopathy merely  63 years out-of-date in terms of science.  And yet they pose their contents categorically as science all the time.
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